Project Follow Me - join us!

Storythings and Pulse Films are working on a new project how we share our lives and our dreams with our friends and followers online. Sites like Kickstarter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram let us share our creative talent, and sometimes turns the spark of a crazy idea into a real-life project.

The Follow Me Project will follow 6 crazy ideas as they go from half-baked thoughts to epic projects, building an audience of followers and collaborators as they go. Are you the kind of person who has an idea in the pub and not only remembers it the following morning, but actually goes ahead and does it? Do your tweets, Instagram pictures and Youtube videos always get lots of retweets, likes and shares?

We’re looking for an interesting mix of people full of crazy ideas:

-       Do you have an interesting way to keep people entertained for 4 whole weeks?

-       Are you mission to share something with the world?

-       Can you work with your existing online network to make a truly incredible TV show that will entertain the nation?

-       Are you passionate about your project and would like to raise awareness of it?

-       Do you have a secret talent that you would like to share with the world?

We’d love to hear from you! Send us a link to your tumblr/twitter/youtube/etc account in the notes below, or fill in our project questionnaire.

We want to see examples of the kind of crazy creative projects you love to share, so please send us links to the people you think we should follow in the notes.

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